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Why Athletes Use Chiropractors

How do chiropractors help athletes?

Chiropractic medicine offers a non-invasive option that helps athletes relieve musculoskeletal problems. Before and after games and practice, chiropractic treatments benefit them greatly. Most of the major sports leagues in America have used chiropractic benefits for years. Chiropractic medicine has become so relevant in sports most teams have an official team chiropractor. Chiropractic medicine is not just specific to American sports teams.

Teams around the world enjoy the benefits. In 2016, at the Olympic Games, chiropractors treated athletes. Athletes got referred to the Olympic Village polyclinic medical staff after injuries. Being able to perform at the highest level is how athletes get paid. Chiropractic medicine increases strength, mobility, and flexibility in athletes.

Not only does a chiropractic sports physician improve an athlete’s musculoskeletal system, but they also optimise their nervous system as well. They receive specialised training that helps athletes preserve strength and recover after an injury. Chiropractic medicine can also help athletes avoid injuries.

For athletes, chiropractic medicine is essential. It gives them an improved range of motion. When athletes train, the strain they put on their bodies is unhealthy. Regular visits to a chiropractor help improve their spinal alignment. Without being treated, the athlete may experience joint stiffness and pain.

Issues with spinal alignment limit an athlete’s range of motion. When an athlete’s range of motion is limited, it affects overall performance. Depending on the athlete’s needs, receiving chiropractic care benefits them in the end.

Most athletes suffer from lower back pain. Chiropractic medicine reduces pain. Chiropractors specialise in working with athletes spines. Chiropractors offer treatments to reduce pain and restore function. Research has shown that spinal manipulation does relieve pain.

Athletes who received spinal manipulation use less medication a year than people who didn’t receive treatment. When athletes experience pain, doctors prescribe pain medication. Pain pills offer short term benefits. Chiropractic medicine is a drug-free solution to opiates. It reduces any side effects or dependency the athlete may experience from pain medication.

Chiropractic medicine does it only relieve neck and back pain. It is a treatment for injuries sustained throughout the whole body. It is also an alternative to surgery. For athletes, surgery could side-line them for months. That long of a recovery time hurts their career. Athletes suffering from a sporting injury who don’t want surgery can benefit from treatment methods such as:

  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Functional dry needling
  • The Active Release Technique
  • The Graston Technique

Chiropractors that specialised in sports injuries are in high demand. Muscle fatigue and soreness are familiar experiences in the sports world. Because there isn’t much time between practice and game-day, athletes need more than rest to prepare. Chiropractic physicians use soft tissue techniques after a game or practice. Usually, this is a massage or instrument-assisted to relax the tissue.

It also improves blood flow and decreases lactic acid. Areas of the body that have high inflammation use physiotherapy equipment. A cold laser or ultrasound helps with relief. To improve athlete’s joints, physicians provide them with an adjustment. They receive recommendations for hydration and dietary needs. Athletic recovery is a concern for physicians.

Many high-level pro athletes use chiropractors. The way chiropractors prevent injuries is by focusing on muscle imbalances. Chiropractors don’t just fix athletes. They help their bodies prepare for games. Athlete’s bodies experience normal wear and tear.

Different sports affect different areas of the body. After being injured, athletes want to return to playing as soon as possible. A variety of techniques can be modified to repair an injury. Joint segments can be adjusted to enhance mechanical motion. Chiropractic physicians understand physiological and anatomical movement patterns.

For athletes who want to be the best at their sport, chiropractic medicine enhances their performance. By improving athlete’s symmetry, they’re able to perform at their peak. It also increases flexibility. Flexibility in sports Is a huge asset. Not only does it help the athlete play their chosen sport, but it also helps to prevent injuries. Although stretching helps to improve flexibility, chiropractic medicine goes a step beyond. Athletes should understand the value of sports chiropractic medicine. The main benefits of chiropractic care are improvement and prevention.

Understanding the athlete’s bodies give physicians advanced treatment options. Throughout a season, athletes should focus on their bodies from the beginning. The diet and nutrition, sleep, and training strategies a chiropractic physician gives an athlete should become a habit for the rest of their lives. It ensures the athlete will have a long prosperous career. Chiropractors spend more time with the athletes than their regular medical doctors.

Chiropractic treatment is a health assessment that guarantees no underlying issues contribute to an injury. To prevent injuries in the future, the athlete takes a health assessment. Every visit, the athlete’s progress gets an evaluation. The reviews you hear about chiropractors improving health are positive. That’s why most athletes use chiropractors.

Testimonials explain how, after their first treatment, people were able to move better. They also experienced less pain. The list of health benefits a chiropractor offers athletes is long. One of the benefits of chiropractic medicine is, it fixes asymmetries. There is no way to get around it. Each side of your body is different from the other. Asymmetries have nothing to do with strength.

Body asymmetries are easy to spot in sports because athletes use their whole body. One wrong body movement and an injury may occur. The way chiropractors treat asymmetries is with massages. It reduces tension and keeps the body out of alignment. Even when athletes don’t notice problems, visiting a chiropractor to check posture and spinal alignment pays off in the end.

It is not uncommon for athletes to experience pain. The role their chiropractor plays in managing their pain is important. Chiropractic medicine reduces pain and shortens healing time for athletes.

Younger athletes benefit from chiropractic medicine as well. Kids play the same sport and position all year. Problems that these young athletes develop are evaluated and treated. Don’t wait to see a chiropractor. Student-athlete bodies are just as important as professional athletes are. Most chiropractors treat student-athletes as a preventative to injuries.


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