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Erectile Dysfunction Treatments ED Shots and Focused Shockwave

Vale Health Clinic in Tunbridge Wells offers a bespoke treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease

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What are ED Shots

Erectile dysfunction Shots are injections into the penis, which help to rejuvenate the penis and help to create new vessel formation into the penis. They also help to increase sensitivity into the penis.

Does ED-Shots and Focused shockwave work.

ED shots and Shockwave therapy are both natural proven treatments which help rejuvenate the penis using the bodies own natural healing response.

Both of the treatments help to promote new vascular growth and increase the sensitivity of the penis This will result in stiffer longer lasting erection levels. When the treatment is combined with lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation, well maintained blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, good diabetic control and optimal medication advice to maximise the benefits of the treatment.

ED shots and Shockwave therapy are both natural proven treatments which help rejuvenate the penis using the bodies own natural healing response.

What is LiSWT Focused Shockwave Therapy

LiSWT is soundwaves which pass through the penile tissue to initiate an acute inflammatory response. Which causes cells to regenerate and promote neovascularisation which improves blood flow and sensitivity of the penis.

Benefits of shockwave:

Treatment of shockwave can lead to significant improvement of erection levels which last at least 3 months (Man, L. et al., Urology, Elsevier, 119, 67 – 103, 2018)

Is Erectile dysfunction common?

Erections dysfunction in men between 40 to 70 is very prevalent which will

Around 50 to 55% of men between the age of 40 to 70 will suffer

Gary is a men’s health practitioner and injection therapist located in Royal Tunbridge wells.

Over the past 5 years I have been treating men with sexual health problems treating men with erections issues, Peyronies disease and men recovering from radical prostatectomy.

I did my ED shot training in Phoenix Arizona with with two experienced Doctors and learnt many different techniques and optimal protocols. I have also attended multiple men’s health seminars in the UK.
Having seen the physical and emotional impact sexual health problems can give men it give me immense satisfaction in treating and helping men overcome there problem.

In my opinion there isn’t a single solution to cure Erectile Dysfution in most cases an multi treatment approach is far more successful.
We use a combination focused shockwave, ED Shots, penile pump, penis rehabilitation and onward referral for sexual counselling if required.
Using this bespoke multi treatment approach gives a greater chance of success opposed to a single standalone treatment.

We offer every patent a free 15-minute telephone consultation to ascertain if treatment can help. You can also WhatsApp text me directly.

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