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7 Sporting Injuries Your Chiropractor Can Help With

For the vast majority of us, sports are an engaging and fun way to exercise, meet people and get the healthy lifestyle that we need in a modern, stressful world. Whether you’re a Sunday morning footballer, a casual runner, a whiz on the cricket field, planning a marathon or a professional athlete, getting injured is no fun.

We see a lot of sporting injuries at our chiropractic clinic in Tunbridge Wells. Some are minor but painful injuries like shin splints, others are more serious like people recovering from bad dislocations which can require careful management to make sure the problem doesn’t recur.

A big key to avoiding sporting injuries is making sure you have the right gear and do things like warming up properly. Many a back or groin strain has been caused because the person didn’t do their prep first.

Here are just some of the common sporting injuries that we see at our Chiropractic and Shockwave Clinic.

1. Shin Splints

The tibia or shin bone is a prime area for sporting injuries. Shin splints occur during activities such as running and cause a great deal of pain. They happen because of stress that affects the connective tissue around your muscles.

Shin splints occur if you change your regime to something more stressful or start exercising for the first time. They are common in runners who spend a lot of time on hard flat roads or people who run on uneven terrain.

They can also happen if there is a misalignment in your spine, your ankle or your hip. Our chiropractic team will be able to assess your problem and help improve your posture, reducing the risk of shin splints reoccurring.

2. Groin Strains

There’s probably nothing worse than a groin strain. It can stop you move freely and is very painful to deal with. Rest usually solves the problem but a severe strain can persist for a long period.

This is the kind of injury that usually affects people who are involved in competitive sports. Taking stress onto the groin area and changing direction suddenly can cause many problems. Even after recovery, there can be trouble with scarring and adhesion that restrict range of movement.

Our chiropractic team have a couple of approaches which can be used to improve mobility and encourage better recovery. This includes instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation which sounds more invasive than it actually is. It can help improve soft tissue dysfunction and aid recovery.

3. Ankle Injuries

These again are quite common sporting injuries and something your chiropractor may be able to help with. It’s often the case with an ankle injury that the bones in the immediate area will become misaligned.

Chiropractic adjustments can help. This only works, however, if you make the effort to strengthen the area to prevent further injury. That’s why our team in Tunbridge Wells also give you a series of exercises that help you improve quicker.

4. Knee Problems

The knees are highly problematic when it comes to sporting activity. They take a lot of impact and damage can persist once it occurs. We see plenty of knee problems in those who are older at our Tunbridge Wells chiropractic and osteopathy clinic. Some issues are due to immediate injuries. Other painful problems have built up over time.

The knee is a pretty delicate structure. We can use approaches like shockwave therapy on injuries such cruciate ligament damage. Another common injury is runners knee which is usually down to misalignment, something our chiropractic team can certainly help with.

5. Back Strain

Lower back problems are endemic in modern society. Just because you take part in sport and exercise activities, doesn’t mean you are totally immune. Putting too much stress on your back can cause problems and we see many examples of this at our Tunbridge Wells clinic.

The good news is we’re experts at dealing with back pain. The key is making sure your problem is diagnosed properly. Treatment may include manipulation combined with a package of exercises that are designed to improve your condition.

6. Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow doesn’t just affect those who play the sport. It’s seen in plenty of other activities, including golf. It’s more common in people over the age of forty and has a lot to do with general wear and tear.

The bad news about tennis elbow is that it can persist for several years if not treated properly. At our Tunbridge Wells chiropractic clinic, we can help with a number of different approaches. Low-level laser light therapy has been shown to improve areas like tendons and scar tissue. Ensuring the neck and shoulder are properly aligned can also ease symptoms.

7. Dislocations and Shoulder Instability

Dislocations are severe and very painful and you will probably need immediate medical attention to put right. An initial injury can lead to instability in the joint in the future especially in areas like the shoulder which could mean that further dislocations occur. A chiropractor can help ensure the better stability of your joint and work with you to find ways of strengthening the area such as completing certain exercises.

Maintaining Sporting Health

Our chiropractic clinic in Tunbridge Wells regularly acts in response to sporting injuries. We can also help you prevent injuries occurring in the future.

Some injuries, for example, occur because the spine is not properly aligned or joint mobility in a particular area of the body isn’t as good as it should be.

Many professional athletes nowadays have a chiropractor helping them because it reduces the risk of injuries occurring and allows them to reach peak performance. Just because you’re not a professional, however, doesn’t mean you can’t access the same support.

Our chiropractic and osteopathic team are able to help with a range of therapeutic approaches from ensuring your spine is aligned properly to strengthening vulnerable areas and working to improve performance.

If you would like to know how our Tunbridge Wells clinic can help, now and in the future, make an appointment today.


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