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Osgood Schlatter Treatment in Tunbridge Wells

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What is Osgood Schlatter Disease?

We’re happy to provide the treatment for people suffering from Osgood Schlatter Disease (OSD). OSD, also be known as apophysitis of the tibial tubercle occurs when there is inflammation of the patellar ligament. Pain from OSD can typically last for months at a time and can occur in both knees. The pain felt from Osgood Schlatter is described by sufferers as a painful lump below the knee that gets worse with activities using the knee (such as walking, running and cycling) and gets better when at rest.


Treatment for Osgood Schlatter

Here at Vale Health Clinic we are proud to be using the latest Shockwave Treatment available with great results using Shockwave Treatment for Osgood Schlatter Disease. This treatment accompanied with the guidance of one of our chiropractors is the best method to begin your road to recovery from Osgood Schlatter.

Who is more likely to get OSD?

Males ages between 10-15 are most susceptible to OSD and about 4% of people will be affected by it at some point in their lives.

What can I do to relive pain from Osgood Schlatter?

People suffering from OSD have said that the following are a good temporary fixes until you can book into a chiropractic;

  • Stretching the affective area slowly and carefully.
  • Applying a cold compress to the area of pain.
  • Pain can lessen when there are periods of less stressful activities.

In summery, if you are suffering from Osgood Schlatter we recommend you book in to see us for an assessment of your issue and then the chiropractic will best advise the best steps going forward, whether this be Shockwave Therapy or a course of sessions with our chiropractic’s that will help you get back in your running shoes in no time!


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