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How to Get Through Christmas Without a Back Problem

Like everyone else in the world, our Tunbridge Wells chiropractic and osteopathy team are looking forward to Christmas next month. It’s actually one of our busier times at the clinic, especially when it comes to helping local residents cope with back problems.

There are a number of reasons why Christmas can cause issues with areas like the lower back. There’s the cold weather for a start, the stress of getting everything done for the festive season and the fact that it’s not the healthiest time of year.

Often we take less time to look after ourselves, overindulge in all sorts of ways and end up doing damage to our lower backs.

If you are searching for help solving a back problem in Tunbridge Wells over the next few months, our qualified team of chiropractors and osteopaths are here to help. We treat a variety of musculoskeletal problems and provide a free 10-minute consultation.

Tips for staying free of back pain over the festive period:

1. Wrap Up Warm

It might seem a simple thing to say but making sure you stay warm and wrapped up during the winter period is important.

Sudden cold can cause muscles to contract and make old back problems resurface in the blink of an eye. One common issue is sitting on a cold surface like a bench which can cause the muscles, ligaments and tendons to tighten around the spine. The first you know there’s a problem is when you try to stand suddenly.

Back problems are often caused by falls in slippery weather. As well as warm clothing make sure you wear comfortable and appropriate shoes and boots. Icy conditions can be pretty lethal in Tunbridge Wells as we all know. If you do need to wear less sensible shoes or heels for a party or event, change into them at the location.

2. Have a Daily Exercise Regime

Most osteopaths and chiropractors will tell you how important exercise is for helping solve back problems. We live in a much more sedentary world nowadays with many of us stuck at office desks, slouched over our computers. It’s not great for the posture.

Introducing some moderate exercise into your daily life should make an immediate and big difference. This doesn’t have to be excessive. A brisk walk or some simple stretching, as well as activities like yoga and Pilates, can certainly improve your chances of avoiding any sort of back problem.

If you do have an office desk job, make sure you get up at regular intervals and stretch can prevent back problems occurring.

You can incorporate simple exercises in spare moments during the day.

3. Learn to Lift Properly

If you lift heavier weights or loads around Christmas time, especially if you are getting the tree down from the loft, carrying decorations from one room to another or carting around lots of shopping, pay attention to your body. Always bend at the knees with a straight back when you are lifting a heavy box or other object (never try to lift something that is too heavy, always get help).

If you are carrying shopping, make sure you balance the weight of it between both hands rather than putting all the stress on one side of the body. It’s better to make two trips rather than one and find that you suddenly have a back issue.

4. Get Rid of Stress

Did you know that stress can cause back problems or at least make things worse? Our muscles and tendons tighten up and we get into all sorts of unhealthy activities when we’re highly stressed. It may be useful in small measures, but too much stress in your life can cause all sorts of health issues.

Destressing your life, especially at Christmas when everything is so fraught, can actually make you feel more relaxed and less prone to back problems. Try some meditation or simply get more me time, perhaps a nice soak in the bath in the evening. A little here and there can make a big difference.

5. Putting Up the Decorations

Something as simple as putting up decorations can cause back issues if you are in a rush or stretching too far. Make sure you always use a ladder and don’t overreach as this can put stress on your spine and muscles in ways they were not designed for. Rather than going up and down the ladder, get someone to hand you the decorations and make life easier.

And when you’re getting that big old turkey out of the oven make sure you use the right lifting technique. You’ll be surprised how many people we get at our chiropractic clinic who have damaged their backs while making Christmas dinner.

6. Pay Attention to Your Diet

Yes, it’s difficult to keep complete control over this at Christmas as we know all too well at our chiropractic clinic in Tunbridge Wells. A good diet helps you maintain weight, however. Putting on the pounds over Christmas means you are likely to place more pressure on your back. Our advice is to try and keep everything in moderation as much as possible.

Mix a reasonably healthy diet with a good amount of exercise. It’s okay to pig out on Christmas day but try to keep things balanced on other days.

7. Pay a Visit to Your Tunbridge Wells Chiropractic Clinic

Prevention is always better than a cure. If you have a history of struggling with lower back pain and want help over the Christmas period, book an appointment with our chiropractic clinic in Tunbridge Wells.

You’ll always get a friendly welcome and a team who really know what they are doing. Not only can we provide treatment for specific back issues, we’re great at giving advice to make sure you avoid problems in the future.

Contact the team at the Tunbridge Wells Chiropractic & Shockwave Clinic today.


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