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Chiropractic Treatment and Nutrition

There is still a large percentage of people that do not recognise the importance of nutrition in their physical well-being. Diet rich in healthy fats, low dairy fat, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits may prevent some disorders. Getting the proper nutritional support is directly proportional to how fast one heals after surgical procedures or injuries. Below are reasons why nutritional support is vital for a patient’s health.

The Desire for Holistic Therapy

Chiropractors embrace the role of holistic therapy. It entails providing care to the whole body instead of focusing on a particular symptom of a disease. An integral part of holistic medicine is good nutrition, which uses food to achieve wellness in the body.

Nutrition Assists in Identifying and Adjusting Sub-luxations

Low concentrations of vitamin D may be associated with lower back pain. In becoming a specialised chiropractor, you must understand the interrelationship between chiropractic care and good nutrition. Nutrition is one of the units that the practitioners have to learn as part of their training.

In the process, they understand the role of various nutrients in the body. An example is the role of vitamin B in preventing gallstones and liver disease. Sub-luxations are directly influenced by the type of food you take.

Taking Care of Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disorders

Good nutrition may slow the worsening of conditions like hypothyroidism, scoliosis, diabetes, and arthritis. Research indicates that pro-inflammatory states induced by the diet may cause degenerative illnesses as well as chronic pain. It has also been proven that dietary changes minimise systemic inflammation and the associated pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

According to research, plenty of water, avoiding processed foods, omega-3-fatty acids, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruits assist in minimising inflammation. And can be beneficial in patients receiving chiropractic care.

Illness may result from an imbalance in physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Hence, holistic therapy may focus on assisting the patient in losing weight, take the necessary food supplements, detoxify, have meal plans, and manage stress accordingly. Customised nutritional support is effective in addressing various conditions.

A study carried out on chiropractic medicine revealed that 80% of the New York chiropractors employed nutritional counselling in managing various chronic disorders like those of the musculoskeletal system, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and obesity. According to the association of Canadian chiropractors, the practitioners are trained to provide lifestyle, nutritional, and dietary counselling to patients.

Good Nutrition Lowers the Risk of Joint and Back Pain

A balanced diet and practising healthy habits such as not smoking, avoiding excess alcohol, and frequent physical activities have a significant effect not only on arthritis but also on general health. Note that there isn’t a supplement or diet that can cure arthritis. However, the condition is greatly influenced by the type of food consumed and their weight and their activity levels.

Arthritis may present differently in different people. Besides, what works in an individual may differ from what is applicable in another patient. Hence, the need for chiropractors to embrace individualised therapy. Note that excessive weight may increase strain on the joints. Being overweight is a detrimental risk factor for various conditions like gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

Minerals and vitamins are also vital. For patients with arthritis, diet may minimise the adverse effects of certain drugs. It protects one from various blood and heart conditions, which could be a complication of arthritis. Chiropractors are aware of the importance of good nutrition, they will assist you in tailoring the diet and reducing your weight to improve conditions like arthritis.

Note that excess weight is also associated with an increased risk of the inflammation that may worsen some underlying conditions. Being obese is a risk factor for the development of osteoarthritis, back pain, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis. On the other hand, being underweight is a risk factor for various mental and physical health. In some instances, both overweight and underweight are signs of poor nutrition.

Being underweight is linked with increased incidences of osteoporosis. Most of the patients who present themselves to the chiropractors have some of these conditions.

Regular exercises lower one’s risk of developing some cancers, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. The physical activities may include things you enjoy, such as brisk walking, swimming, or cycling.

Your chiropractor may also recommend strengthening exercises at least two days a week, and it entails arms, chest, abdomen, shoulders, chest, back, hips, and legs. For patients with arthritis, good diet and exercise will:

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Reduce stiffness
  • Improve movements at the joint
  • Reduce fatigue and pain

Changes in the Diet that Improves Chiropractic Treatment

Improper nutrition interferes with muscle density, disrupts the operations of the nervous system, and interferes with the ability for muscle to repair. Changes in the food will influence how receptive one will be towards chiropractic care. One of the modifications is ensuring that the diet contains enough fibre.

Oatmeal, sweet potatoes, broccoli, apples, pistachios, and avocado are sources to consider. Research indicates that about 20-35 grams of fibre daily are sufficient to keep blood sugar under control and lower cholesterol.


Poor diet may alter pH levels in the body, like increased acidity. Too much acidity within the body can overstimulate the nerves within the body, causing pain and severe discomfort. The pH levels will drop further with overconsumption of cheese, meat, and acidic grains. Prolonged acidity is associated with chronic pain syndrome and weakened bone as complications.

Studies indicate that free radicals and inflammation are the major contributors to various conditions like osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle and joint pain. Other conditions associated with the excess activity of free radicals include dementia, some cancers, autoimmune disorders, reproductive complications, periodontal disease, respiratory diseases, obesity, and cardiovascular conditions.

The presence of excess free radicals implies that the body is overwhelmed by oxidative stress. It will interfere with the body’s normal immune response leading to chronic inflammation and destruction of cells. Every time we inhale pollutants or oxygen, our bodies produce free radicals.

Experts believe that free radicals play a significant role in ageing and various conditions such as cataracts, arthritis, and heart conditions. Antioxidants are crucial in controlling free radicals. Researchers believe antioxidants act as the barrier.

Antioxidants will safely interact with the free radicals, terminating the chain of reactions before significant damage occurs. The primary antioxidants are vitamin C, beta-carotene, and vitamin E, although several enzymes target the free radicals within the body. Note that the body does not produce the above nutrients.

Hence, the need to source them from the diet. For some antioxidant enzyme system to function correctly, selenium may be required. Your chiropractor may recommend foods rich in antioxidants such as flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, citrus fruits, spinach, peppers, and carrots.

Note that whole wheat, sunflower seeds, chicken, and turkey are rich in selenium. A nutritional supplement should not be a substitute for a balanced diet. A medical practitioner may guide you on the right supplement because the supplement industry is not regulated, and you may fail to get the right product.

Good Nutrition Boosts Energy and Reduces Fatigue

Healthy eating also entails keeping your energy levels high. Added sugars, preservatives, and processed foods constantly leave us tired, irritable and exhausted. Note that simple dietary modifications are capable of making a significant difference in your health. Your chiropractor may recommend healthy oils, whole grains, and vegetables among the foods.

Nutritionists and chiropractors work in synergy. As the patients get adjusted and receive nutritional counselling about the importance of dietary supplements and foods. Additionally, during the course of therapy patients will appreciate that both nutrition and chiropractic care work together to elicit the positive response they observe after the therapy.


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