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Ostenil Plus: Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Ostenil Plus is a solution made up of hyaluronic acid. It is a treatment for osteoarthritis symptoms. The solution is injected into the space within the joints containing synovial fluid. Its primary purpose is to restore the normal balance breakdown and generation of hyaluronic acid. The effect of Ostenil means it can decrease stiffness and pain and improve other osteoarthritis symptoms.

The treatment has undergone a lot of testing and has little or no side effects. The treatment is free from any IncludingThis means that it is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. The inclusion of a more straightforward sugar derivative (Mannitol) in Ostenil Plus makes it possible for the Hyaluronic acid to work more efficiently and for a longer duration. That’s why a single injection can reduce symptoms.

What to Expect When You Opt for Ostenil Plus Treatment

Ostenil Plus usually is injected directly into the joint of an osteoarthritis patient. Although you may have yet to realise the benefits right after the injection, you will gradually start experiencing a reduction in pain and stiffness. The improvement in symptoms may be experienced for a few months. But this will also depend on the progression of degenerative change in the affected area.

If your doctor is okay with it, you can go for another injection once the effects of the Ostenil Plus start to wear off. After that, you are free to continue with Onstenil Therapy whenever needed.

Ostenil Plus is used to treat osteoarthritis symptoms. It may be used on the nee or any other joint in your body, categorised as synovial. To properly understand how Ostenil works, it is essential to know what a synovial joint is.

Synovial Joint

A synovial joint is one where the ends of the bones are connected in a capsule comprising a thick and slippery liquid referred to as synovial fluid. The capsule is a strong fibrous tissue lined with a membrane known as a synovial membrane. The end of the bones is covered by a tender rubbery substance called cartilage.

There are four vital functions of the synovial fluid found in the joint capsule:

  • It absorbs shocks to protect the cartilage
  • Keeps the bones apart to prevent the cartilage from being damaged
  • It serves as a filter – allowing nutrients to reach the cartilage while blocking the penetration of harmful substances.
  • It lubricates the joints

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most critical components in synovial fluid. The substance is crucial in the four functions performed by synovial fluid. A majority of joints in our bodies are synovial fluids. The shoulder and the hip are some of the common examples.

What Leads to Osteoarthritis?

The hyaluronic acid found in the synovial fluid doesn’t stay there forever. It is broken down continuously and replaced. In most cases, there’s a balance between the hyaluronic acid being broken down and the one being produced. But in osteoarthritis, there’s an imbalance where the breakdown happens much faster than the production. This leads to a more watery synovial fluid – making it less effective.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis are a result of the thinning of the synovial fluid as well as the wearing away of the cartilage. Consequently, the cartilage in the joint begins to wear out slowly because of the change in the synovial fluid. In extreme cases, the cartilage may even disappear altogether. Common symptoms include swelling, pain and stiffness.

Osteoarthritis is common among the elderly. It is a prevalent condition for individuals aged 60 and above. However, hip or knee osteoarthritis may happen in young adults since these joints are usually overloaded. Overloading may be caused by an involving job, sports or carrying excess body weight.

How Does Ostenil Work?

Ostenil is a sodium hyaluronate solution that is used to treat osteoarthritis. The solution is injected into the space in the synovial fluid joints. The treatment is designed to restore the balance between the breakdown and production of sodium hyaluronate. This process is referred to as ‘viscosupplementation’.

Ostenil injections are pure. They are made using a unique fermentation process. The treatment has been administered to thousands of patients worldwide and proved very effective.

What Are the Side Effects of Ostenil?

Ostenil Plus has been in use in the healthcare sector for many years. It has undergone extensive tests and has proven a reliable treatment for osteoarthritis. The fact that it doesn’t contain animal protein means it can’t cause allergic reactions in patients. No severe side effects have been found after prescribing Ostenil Plus to patients.

There’s also a very minimal risk of infection with all the injections. A patient may occasionally feel pain in the injection area, but the pain may last for just a day or less.

Treatment with Ostenil Plus?

The treatment has to be administered by a qualified clinician. As mentioned earlier, osteoarthritis is common among people 60 years and above. However, osteoarthritis of the hip or knee can also affect younger people due to the overloading of joints. Getting proper advice or a prescription from a medical professional before using the treatment is essential.

In a nutshell, Ostenil hyaluronic acid injections have proved to be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis. The therapy has been used for a long time and has almost zero side effects. But it is essential to seek medical guidance on how to use it.


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