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Avoiding Back Pain Whilst on the Road!

Many drivers don’t realise that the back pain or a stiff neck may primarily be caused by bad driving habits. Although you might not always feel it while you’re on the road, It still causes pain!

Most of us spend a good couple of hours a day in our cars. This could be commuting to and from work or running errands. This may cause us to suffer from aches and pains known as Repetitive Driver Injury.

According to the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), 40% of people say that simply sitting down for long periods of time exacerbates neck and back pain.

Did you know…

Drivers commonly suffer from pain and stiffness in their lower back and neck due to irritation of the spinal joints. Long periods of time on the road puts extra strain on the vertebrae and discs and we lose the lumbar curves in our backs.


Avoiding back problems while driving may not require anything drastic, such as, buying a new car, however, taking practical measures should help drivers feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Did you know…

After a long journey muscles can become very stiff, therefore, simple exercises, such as side bends and seat braces, are very effective. Most importantly, remain relaxed whilst driving and take breaks.


If you have any issues you should book in for a checkup. These types of problems are more easily treated if dealt with promptly.


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