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Hi my Jean Luc Lafitte and I been involved in healthcare for over twenty-seven years and believes that good health is the cornerstone for a good life.

I started out as an auxiliary nurse and it was whilst working in this capacity at the famous Queen Victoria Hospital that I decided to train as a Doctor of Chiropractic. This was the start of my love for complimentary therapy and since then I have been dedicated to combining my expertise of Chiropractic and Nutrition when treating patients. I believes that in order to attain perfect health we need to find a balance between the physical, the chemical, and the emotional.

As well as treating adults and children, I encourages the whole family to have a check up four times a year, this is because I believes in treating the cause and not the symptoms.

I am happy to talk through your health care concerns with you on the phone before you decide on a course of treatment, or alternatively if you are ready to have treatment, call us and ask to book in with me today.